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How Ad Tracking Helped Create a Killer Ad

I recently undertook an email advertising promotion, using a number of advertising media. The exercise involved the Magical Marketing system (of which this report is part).

For those who are unaware, Magical Marketing is a Viral Internet Marketing site, by which I mean it allows you to use the site as your own, by letting you include your affiliate ID's into the system. So, when the tutorials or reviews mention a program, your ID is used, so if someone clicks on the link and likes what they see, you will get the credit.

As an email advertising marketing exercise, I decided that I wanted to approach the members of some of the affiliate programs that are featured in Magical Marketing, and offer their members the chance to join this system, and reap the benefit of the multiple promotion methods that it employed.

And, as an email advertising marketing exercise, this has worked very well, and whilst an interesting exercise in Joint Venture Marketing in itself, it is not the significant result to which I am alluding.

With one particular featured program, Herculist (you can read a review of Herculist if you don't know anything about it by clicking here email advertising), I did a multiple ad test, to see what the effect was. It was the results of this that struck me, and prompted me to put this article together.

In the first instance, let me show you the three ads that I tested. Then we can discuss their relative merits and then I'll show you the results.