Ask most people, and they will tell you that without a list, you cannot make it online.


Opt-in Leads -
Building Your Business
By The Back Door Magical Marketing
List building by obtaining opt-in leads is a critical part of your online adventure.

Well, I don't quite agree with that, because I have not driven my lists as hard as I could have done, and I do ok. I mean, how often do I send messages to my lists? The last was a month ago.

But, having said that, there is no doubt that utilising your list to it's full potential, will definitely make a difference to your bottom line.

As long as the opt-in leads are good ones .....

So, here is an alternative way to build your business.

Opt-in Leads The Easy Way.

Those of you who have been with me for a while, will know that I use Safelists extensively. They were especially good for me when money was tight when I first started online.

And this is about Safelists, but not in a conventional sense.

How many of you have heard the expression 'Host, Don't Post'?

Admittedly, it was written in conjunction with FFA pages. The value of advertising on FFA pages diminished some years ago. The real value in them is in hosting the pages that showed the ads.

Well, the expression holds true for Safelists as well. Whilst my tracking results still show excellent results for my conventional advertising, owning a Safelist has all the advantages of hosting a FFA page.

You can sell memberships
You can sell solo ad spots and banner impressions
You have access to all of your members contact addresses (your opt-in leads - your list!)


There is one drawback with owning a Safelist though, and that is the volume of bouncing email that is created by people who do not look after their email boxes properly.

Well, that was a problem until now.

There is now a new breed of Safelist script that is completely free from the hassles of email bouncing.

It relies on a points based system, but is similar to Traffic Exchange programs in which you have to view an email to get YOUR email seen. So, with this script, you look at the list of offers, and request the ones that you want to see, which are then emailed to you. You view the message, and get credits to have your message seen.

Or you can obtain credits (from you as the owner).

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