Ian MacDonald was born on March 31, 1960 in Manchester (England). Ian's mother was Irish, his father was Scottish. When Ian was five years old, his family moved to Northern Ireland. The growing up of the future author took place against the background of the ethno-political conflict in Northern Ireland in 1968-1998 (the so-called "Problems"), which could not but have an impact on his attitude and future creativity. Many of the author's works, indeed, in one way or another touch upon the problems of postcolonialism and the relationship of the "third world" countries with the former metropolises.


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Chaga by Ian MacDonald

Chaga by Ian MacDonald. Science fiction novel by British writer Ian MacDonald. It was released in the UK on October 12, 1995.


Exquisite Acquisitions by Charlene Sands

Exquisite Acquisitions by Charlene Sands. A book in the Highest Bidder series, 2012 Dear Reader, What do a hunky Texas-born cowboy and a ... Special thanks and acknowledgment to Charlene Sands for her contribution to The Highest Bidder miniseries. Prologue. Wild River Ranch, Texas He struck a match on his boot..

On target by Mark Greeney

On target by Mark Greeney. There’s probably a cheetah on the Serengeti who can get a gazelle moving faster than Mark Greaney gets The Gray Man into overdrive . . . Greaney keeps this vengeance story red-lined and blistering as a hired killer known as the Gray Man burns like det-cord through a small army of trained killers in Prague, Zurich, Paris, and beyond as he zeroes in on the wealthy French aristocrat who betrayed him . . . Writing as smooth as stainless steel and a hero as mean as razor wire . . . The Gray Man glitters like a blade in an alley.

One Kick by Chelsea Kane

One Kick by Chelsea Kane. Famously kidnapped at age six, Kick captured America’s hearts when she was rescued five years later. Trained as a marksman, lock picker, escape artist and bomb maker by her abductor, Kick continues to expand her strange skill set after her release: mastering martial arts, boxing, knife throwing, and host of other...

Bold Angel by Kat Martin

Bold Angel by Kat Martin. Saxon beauty Caryn of Ivesham longed to escape the chill gray cloisters of the convent to which she'd fled—but not in marriage to the towering, feared Raolfe de Gere, the Norman knight they called Ral the Relentless.

Renascence by Paul Anderson

Renascence by Paul Anderson

I think he told me this because I am his daughter. Not that he begot me in his flesh. When I was born, he was still homebound on a voyage that had begun almost three hundred years before. When we spoke, he was machine. But my father and my mother bear the genomes of him and his mate. They were created with the same basic memories, harking back to Earth itself, and even with some shared recollections of lives lived afterward. Also, it happens I resemble her as she was when young. Machine or no, of course he loved me once we had met.

What he said was that if I cared to hear the full tale of why he had returned so much earlier than planned, he would be glad to tell me. Oh, but I cared!

Sundrinker by Zach Hughes

Sundrinker by Zach Hughes. In the time of the long light Du, the source, circled low on the horizon. Warmed by the benevolent light, the air absorbed the steams of the valley to reveal, in all its glory, the purplish blue sky. Sheath ice, condensed from the vapors during the weary season of dims and darks, cracked, sheered away, fell in shardy cascades into dissolving heaps at the foot of the sheer cliffs.

Voyagers by Ben Bova

Voyagers by Ben BovaVoyagers by Ben Bova is an alien contact book that serves as both volume one in the Voyagers series, and as a stand-alone(ish) novel. Set in the 1980's, and somewhat dated by its politics and technology, it is a first contact novel that focuses on the personal and political wrangling that occurs when an alien object is detected heading...

Andromeda by Ivan Antonovich Efremov

Andromeda by Ivan Antonovich Efremov. Socio-philosophical science fiction novel by Ivan Efremov. Written in 1955-1956. The novel became the first in the "cosmic cycle" of I. Efremov's works about the future of planet Earth, which became part of the galactic community of civilizations - the "Great Ring".

Sam’s War by Ben Bova

Sam’s War by Ben Bova

I know it is incredible to believe that Sam Gunn, of all people, saved civilization-as-we-know-it. But the chauvinistic little Gringo did. Although he never got the credit for it.

Yet he was lucky, at that. After all, I was supposed to murder him.

Not that I am a professional assassin, you understand. The daughter of el Presidente is no common thug. I followed a higher calling: national honor, patriotism, love of my people and my father. Especially, love of my father.