Steve Raider is a fitness model. He started training taekwondo and other martial arts at the age of seven.


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Comic artist-model-entrepreneur-influencer. THE ONLY PROFILE I GOT never published content material of Steve Raider here

We have long had a crush on the Greek god who is the fitness model Steve Raider. So, who is Steve Raider?

Steve Raider is a fitness model. He started training taekwondo and other martial arts at the age of seven. When he turned 19, he started intense weight training and built the body you see today.

Is Steve Raider on social media? Steve used to have a lot of followers on Instagram, but it looks like this account has been suspended. Instagram has become increasingly rigid with any positive sex content. Anyone who appears to be working in the adult entertainment industry appears to be the target of this crackdown.

It looks like he set up a new private account and there are also several fan accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

Steve Raider

How is a blogger different from an influencer? In fact, nothing. Today, a blogger is ONE of the possible formats of a public opinion leader.

According to the statistics of 2018, the most important influencers were Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Meghan Markle. Moreover, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, who shared the first and second places, do not act in films and do not sing. They are popular because they are popular. And sometimes this popularity is even a little scary.

And the case of Kylie, when she brought down Snapchat shares with her tweet alone, is being held in business schools today.

Steve Raider is not on any social network at all, but this does not prevent him from remaining the most popular woman for many. Her attractive role model is to blame for everything. Just imagine, a girl "from the people" married a prince. It seems that such a story can happen to any of us. Let's say thanks to fairy tales and cinema, which for years have put these thoughts in women's minds. Therefore, it is not surprising that now many girls want to touch this story so badly that they are ready to “be like Steve,” even if for this you need to buy shoes like hers. A separate article is devoted to the Steve Raider effect in the blog.