When someone Googles, who won best picture in 1948, Google goes into it’s index and pulls out every webpage that mentions best picture in 1948...


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To understand how to optimize a website, the best place to start is understanding how Google and Bing work so you understand where to start optimizing your site.

By creating an interactive and entertaining social media presence, your business can begin to engage not only with your current customers but prospects as well. Social media gives your business the ability to amplify your voice to hundreds and potentially thousands of people and when Twitter and Facebook are configured and used correctly, they become very important parts of your own Big book of digital marketing.

What is SEO

However, while social media is a powerful tool, it cannot stand alone as an internet mar- keting solution. In fact, social media comes last when you are deploying a digital marketing strategy. First you need to build a website that is SEO friendly and has many opportunities for people to convert into a lead by providing email addresses. Secondly, you need to discover your voice through blogging and use a key word strategy to maximize the chance those blogs end up at the top of a Google search. Social media assumes you have content to share or something to say, so consider your overall inbound marketing process before you focus in on your social media marketing strategy. Start with a good foundation and then build using social media.

What is search engine optimization? According to the big book of digital marketing, it’s a question that is asked repeatedly by people with a website. It sounds REALLY important, but most people find themselves flummoxed because they don’t know really where to start in getting their website optimized for search.

Search engine optimization consists of two processes. The first is getting a website configured so a search engine like Google can index it correctly and the second is making sure your website is in the top search results when someone Googles your products or brand names.

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Search is still a relatively new phenomenon, after all Google is only a teenager in terms of how long it’s been around. The best way to think about search is to think of Google and Bing as Internet librarians. They take in ridiculous amounts of data from websites all over the world, put it in an index and when someone comes to their website with a query like “Who won best picture in 1948?” they search their index to find an appropriate reference and then serve up those answers to the user on their web page. But how did they actually get that data and how did Google know that Hamlet won best picture in 1948?

What Google and Bing do all day long, 365 days a year is crawl the Internet and they do that with a program called Spiders. Spiders start on websites they deem as highly valued, like CNN.com or the New York Times and they click on every link on both CNN and the New York Times which leads them to other web- sites where they again click on every link that leads them to more websites so after awhilethey start to map out most of the webpages on the Internet.


When the Google spiders come across something new, they put that web page into its index for future reference and there it sits in the Google data warehouse until someone comes to Google.com and starts a search.