Direct-drive bushing - a powerful motor that allows you to reach speeds of more than 40 m / h. But the torque is significantly lower, so it will be difficult for the bike to overcome pits and potholes. Much more energy is consumed, a more powerful battery is required. Recovery will save the battery and extend the service life. Such an engine weighs more than 6 kg, which significantly increases the weight of the vehicle.


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2022 update: Choosing The Best electric bikes under $2000

If we talk about the modern period of development of the industry, then it was the Asian market and the popularity of electric bicycles in China that prompted European and American companies to think about updating their lineup. We will talk about this and already modern electric bikes in our next material on the topic:

An electric bike is a convenient personal transport for daily trips around the city or outdoor activities. Also, a bicycle is useful in the work of a courier when you need to travel short distances with different loads. However, bicycles, especially electric ones, are different, and convenience largely depends on the format. Choosing the ideal model is not easy, but you can’t miss the choice either, since the price of a mistake is too high. In this article, the main types of electric bicycles will be analyzed, and then the most successful models in different price categories will be given.

Folding compacts (wheels up to 19 inches)

A bicycle with wheels from 14 to 19 inches will not take up much space in the apartment or in the pantry and will easily fit in the trunk of a small car. At the same time, when unfolded, it will be convenient, including for tall people for city trips at a relatively low speed. The limitation is due to insufficient stability of small wheels. Yes, and with pits and irregularities, they cope not in the best way. In other words, foldable compacts are worth paying attention to for those who need to travel short distances from time to time. For example, to get to the train or get home from work when there is no desire to hang around in the evening traffic.

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