Finally, we got to the top series. These grills are distinguished, first of all, by increased attention to detail, their study. This applies to both technological aspects and convenience in the cooking process, and to a greater extent - the design and execution of grill elements.


Best gas grills under 500 Magical Marketing
How to choose the Best gas grills under 500 in 2022?

Grating material and thickness

Naturally, gratings wear out over time, so the thicker the grating, the longer it will last. A grate with a thicker rod gives off heat better to the ingredients and leaves an original pattern on them. First of all, this, of course, concerns cast iron.

Flame Breakers

Flame spreaders or, as they are also called, aromatic plates are located between the cooking grate and burners. They protect gas burners from fat and juice that drips from the ingredients during cooking, thus preventing them from fouling and flashing flames. They also perform an aromatic function: juice, fat from the ingredients, falling on them, evaporates and saturates the cooking ingredients with its aroma, making them tastier.

The larger the area of ​​the plates, the more evenly they dissipate the heat in the oven. The grill, in which almost the entire area above the burners is covered with aromatic plates, provides a more even heating of the surface for cooking.

The plates are made of solid steel or high quality ceramics. It is very important for the material that it does not corrode, as this grill element is particularly susceptible to wear.


On the pictures on the Internet, you can see the similarity of the best gas grills under 500 with cheaper ones within the same brand, and sometimes someone has a question: why overpay when you can take a model that looks simpler, but it will be much cheaper?

For a simpler understanding of the difference, you can turn to cars. If you compare, for example, top-end cars from Audi, BMW or Mercedes with their more modest models, you don't need to be an auto expert to notice the difference. Size and, as a result, comfort for passengers, execution of elements, design, materials used, power: the models differ in these and other parameters.

Grills have a similar story. Take, for example, Broil King Regal 490. Externally, the model is very much like the Broil King Baron 490. But the control panel of the former is the same in form and execution as that of the Imperial 690 XL, the most expensive and largest model of the brand. This grill has a cast iron grate with a thicker rod; it is also larger in size - 65x49 cm (for Baron it is 65x44 cm). An extra 5 cm deep gives a good increase in cooking area.

The side tables are larger in size, made according to the type of the Imperial 690 XL, with spacious compartments on the front, where you can put bottles with sauces, spices; they also have hooks for tools. On the left side there is a burner. The ignition of the burners is powered by 220 V. The model is equipped with an electric spit.

A large beautiful grill that will blend harmoniously into the terrace. Cooking with it is a pleasure. Of the features he wants to highlight a more spacious locker at the base. You can hide more accessories in it so that they do not roll around anywhere.