You have a whole variety of Sims available, for each of which you can choose the appearance, traits and life goals. Bring your ideas to life with powerful editing capabilities. Create yourself, your ideal, your favorite celebrities or friends! Choose clothing for your Sims that reflects your mood. Give your Sims the meaning of life by adding quirky traits and ambitious life goals.


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What is the Best Sims 4 laptop in 2022?

Another gadget?

A laptop is not a replacement for a desktop computer, it is, let's say, another gadget with characteristic features. Laptops are convenient to carry everywhere with you, which will be appreciated by users working on the go (businessmen, designers, journalists). Read also this article Best Sims 4 laptop.

Best laptops for Sims 4

Today we will look at laptops in different categories. The type of laptops determines their functionality. In terms of functionality, they are like stationary computers and cope with everyday tasks: surfing the Internet, working with texts, graphic editors, browsers and even games (everything here depends on the filling of the device).


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Let your imagination run wild and create a world with unique Sims! Choose and change any details of both Sims and their houses. And that's not all! Choose the appearance, personality and outfits for your Sims and decide how they will spend their days. Design and build amazing homes for every family and choose furniture and decor.