Your players can share achievements and updates on their favourite social media platforms by using social media sharing modules. This not only increases engagement on your platform, but also helps your marketing campaigns and increases brand awareness.


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This feature is a must for any online sports betting platform

Sports news

Sports fans, especially those who bet on sports, need to keep up with the latest news. That is why users have to read a lot of news about current events and search for information in various sources to get as much information as possible. For most punters, betting with their own money is a well-thought-out decision.

To stay on top of the competition, you need to get all your customers closer to your brand so that they are not only financially committed, but also financially. You can put sports news directly on your betting website, allowing customers to find out the latest results and place their bets in just a few clicks, without even leaving the website - The legality of betting sites in India can be a good example here.

View games online

Taking it a step further and allowing customers to watch games directly on your betting service is a nice touch that will make your service more attractive to users as a one-stop shop. Players will undoubtedly appreciate such a versatile platform, and you'll gain a loyal customer base of loyal users as well as a steady stream of new ones.

By the way, you should think about incorporating the latest live streaming trend; this feature can also help you attract a younger audience. For example, you can work with sports bloggers to live stream major events, mentioning your platform. In addition, live streaming can be streamed directly on your website.

Support for Cryptocurrencies

Given the ubiquity of cryptocurrency payments (even some conventional shops accept them), you need to stay one step ahead and allow customers to bid if they have cryptocurrency they can provide as collateral. Make sure your site accepts all popular cryptocurrencies and payment methods.


Don't underestimate the power of communities. Having one on your online betting platform can help you increase user engagement and make more money. For example, players can watch games, comment on them, discuss and share their opinions.

You can create more than a betting intermediary by adding more social features - in fact, you can create an active community of sports fans who will argue about games and betting. If users are given the opportunity to spend more time on the platform with like-minded people, they are more likely to continue using your platform rather than seek out other betting sites.

Variety of sports

When players have a wide variety of sports to choose from, they come back to the platform. This also allows new players to get an idea of the games and determine what they are comfortable with. Football is a lucrative niche that is currently reaching new heights. New football betting sites are popping up everywhere and they are doing well.

Live odds and pre-match odds

Both are a great choice for your online sports betting site because they provide the most interesting, exciting and entertaining betting experience.