When an author creates a text, he wants to convey certain thoughts and feelings to the reader. It has long been observed that many aspiring authors place too much emphasis on the form to the detriment of content.


How to limit word in essay editing? Magical Marketing
How to limit word in essay editing? See 2022 update

When editing an essay, many students are forced to shorten the text by removing unnecessary words and phrases from it. Modern paper rate essay editors believe that the ability to concisely express one's thoughts is an indispensable advantage for any writer. This is why they are happy to share their years of experience with all interested parties.

Artistic tools are not an add-on to the text, but the content of the text. Every word should be used appropriately, especially in essays. Poor use of artistic phrases can spoil a good impression of a text.

How do you learn to highlight what is important in a text?

Every text has a primary and secondary meaning. Being able to highlight the essentials can help reduce the time it takes to work on a text, a document, by 50%.

To understand what is written means first of all to understand what the text is about, to grasp its essence. It is easier to memorize and grasp the main points than the text as a whole. It should be remembered that any text has several main points. First, it is the title, as well as subheadings, if any. Do not ignore this position of the text, because the title logically carries the main thing, what the text is about. This is the first step toward understanding the main idea of the text. Secondly, the beginning of a text is the most important thing to reveal the main idea of it.

Looking for the main thing in an essay

In extended texts, there may be more than one idea. But among them, it is necessary to find and isolate the main one. To do this, read the text thoughtfully, taking your time, with a pencil in hand, noting as you go along the important words and phrases in your view. According to Kamensky, an initial mindset of thoughtful reading increases comprehension several times over. For repeated reading, when the meaning of what you've written is already clear to you, the list of keywords and phrases should be shortened slightly, by a factor of about 5.

Then you have to ask yourself which of the marked phrases best expresses the essence of what you have written, the main idea of the text, and its theme. And those few words, or perhaps just one phrase, that remain with you will be the core of the text you're looking for. By learning to see the main thing in a text, it will be much easier to make it shorter. Simply delete a few minor words and sentences to make the text more concise.

How to shorten an essay?

Self-editing allows you to remove words and thoughts that duplicate each other, shorten long texts and make your main point clear without help. Remember: not everyone likes to read long, poetic texts with lots of "thoughts out loud" and, most importantly, these texts are not always appropriate.

  • Try to use short words and sentences of no more than 8 words (if you are communicating with a group of professionals, feel free to disregard this requirement).
  • Prefer words to phrases and actively use synonyms (if they are shorter and do not spoil the overall picture in the text). Don't forget to make sure that the meaning doesn't change!
  • Less unnecessary or unimportant information. Replace long and complex sentences with simple constructions, removing detailed descriptions and unnecessary clarification (if it is not important). Write an abridged version of the text according to the plan, including keywords and sentences. Make sure your written text is coherent and logical, read it several times.
  • Decide straight away whether facts or emotions are more important. Emotional text is more likely to be beautiful and longer.